The Robot Retreat hosted by the RobotLaunchPad will be held at blackbox mansions April 28-29. A small group of movers and thinkers in the space of robotics, startups, design and culture come together for a weekend of provocative thought, with workshops, networking and great people. What will the next robots do? Who will use them? How does startup methodology apply to robotics? How about repurposing existing robots with new business models?

We’re also kicking it off with an awesome secret party on Friday night. We’d tell you more but… it’s still a secret. Invitations will go out on March 15. Keep the weekend free! Please ASK US for an invitation by sending a brief blurb/intro.

Saturday 28 April

  • Group 1: Design Thinking Changes ~ UX & HRI
  • Group 2: Lean Startup Methodology For Robotics


  • Group 3: What Is A Robot MVP?
  • Group 4: Cardboard Box Challenge ~ create a robot MVP and pitch it to us.


Sunday 29 April

  • Panel/Open Discussion: What is a robot now?
  • Panel/Open Discussion: What are next challenges? Creating a roadmap for robot startups.


We’re inviting other roboticists to come and share the feast of ideas with an OPEN POTLUCK PARTY . Enjoy the afternoon!

Please ASK US for an invitation by sending a brief blurb/intro.


About Andra

Growing human-robot culture, one dish at a time.

3 responses »

  1. Dan Hestand says:

    Sounds like a great idea. How can I be involved?

  2. Hi Dan, we’d love you to be involved, so can you email us a quick intro/blurb? Just to help us keep track of interest and not spam/crosspost you unnecessarily.

    (to andra at – I’ve also added ASK FOR INVITE links on page)

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