We are a group of volunteers who are passionate about growing robotics, one startup at a time. As we hold events and reach more people, it’s clear there is a need for a robot startup community, one that bridges robotics with the startup world, the business world, the mobile & internet world, the design world and the creative communities. [If I left a world out, sorry, you are all invited.]


 Andra Keay – Culture Hacker | Robot UX

 Ahmed Siddiqui – Startup Weekend Organiser and CEO GoGo Mongo

 Erin Rapacki – Product Marketing Manager @ Adept Mobile Robots

 Michael Harries – Chief Technologist @ Citrix Startup Accelerator

 Rich Mahoney – Director of  Robotics @ SRI Stanford Research Institute International

 M. Ryan Calo – Director, Privacy and Robotics – Center for Internet & Society, Stanford

Chris Mailey – VP @ AUVSI Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Chad Partridge – Vice President, Operations 2d3 Sensing

 Mario Tremblay – CEO The Robot Shop – MyRobots.com Robot Technology Accelerator

 Saurabh Palan – Roboticist and founder of iroboticist.com

 Rob Manson – MD and Co-Founder of Mob Innovation Lab

 Alex Young – Co-Founder of Mob Innovation Lab

 Elad Inbar – CEO and Founder of the Robot App Store

 Anoop Nebhnani – robotics business consultant and Founder of Growbots

Email andra@robotlaunch.com to join the growing supporters list.

We’re also looking for more sponsors, mentors and partners so contact us !